Rules and Information

SXSWclick is a year-round initiative created to showcase short-form storytelling via mobile devices and the web. Innovative film and video-makers are urged to submit their work for consideration by the final deadline for submissions on June 12th. Finalists in five categories will be revealed by June 30th. Films will be available online as Quicktime files formatted for computers and portable devices.

An esteemed jury will then select winners in each of five categories: "Old School Shorts," "Really Real Shorts," "Animate-It," "Sound Checks," and "What the F*#!?" In addition, there will be an audience award ("Popularity Contest Award") to encompass all categories, and viewers will be able to vote online. Winners for jury and audience awards will be announced on July 28th. Along with an assortment of prizes, the winners are automatically selected to screen at the next SXSW Film Festival, March 9-18, 2007 in Austin, TX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will you be accepting submisions for the 2006 SXSWclick Festival?

A: The submission process will begin May 15th (after the 2006 SXSW Film Festival) and continue through June 12th, 2006.

Q: What is due to SXSWclick by the deadline (June 12th, 2006)?

A: We need to have a printed and complete application form, a VHS or DVD (NTSC) copy of the submission, the $10 submission fee, and a cast/crew list. For flash animation questions, email

Q: What kind of submissions is SXSWclick looking for?

A: The options are open. This online festival is designed to showcase all kinds of work, from music videos to documentary shorts to flash animation. Anything that fits our time criteria will be considered for inclusion.

Q: What if my short piece is slightly longer than 10 minutes?

A: Unfortunately, we can't budge on the 10-minute time limit. If we receive a work longer than 10 minutes, we will only review and evaluate the first 10 minutes and nothing more.

Q: What if my short piece was submitted to SXSW Film 2006?

A: SXSWclick is a completely separate event with an entirely different selection process. Therefore, no works that have already been submitted to other SXSW events will be re-watched and reconsidered. If you've submitted your piece in the past, you will need to re-submit it to be considered for SXSWclick.

Q: Does it matter if my short piece has played elsewhere?

A: No, but if the piece is currently available to view on the Internet, then we would like for you to tell us where it is for our records.

Q: What kind of awards will there be?

A: There will be six total awards. We will have a special jury select a winner in each of the 5 categories -- then we will also have a Popularity Contest prize decided by voting from the online public.

Q: How many finalist will there be?

A: There will be 15 finalists, 3 in each of the 5 categories.

Q: What are the categories?

A: There are 5 categories.
Old-School Shorts › Tried'n true narrative shorts, shot on anything you like.
Really Real Shorts › Documentary shorts, real stuff.
Animate-it › Flash and traditional animation.
Sound Checks › A.K.A. music videos.
What the F*#!? › What the "film." Experimental and Machinima. None-of-the-above. The "Not sure we 'get it' -- but it's pretty cool" category.

Q: What if I want to submit my short piece to the 2007 SXSW Film Festival?

A: SXSWclick is an entirely different festival and you will need to re-submit your work to the SXSW Film Festival when they begin accepting submissions (September 1, 2006) for the 2006 events.

Q: May I submit a version of my short piece that is already online (Quicktime, etc.)?

A: Unfortunately, no. We need everyone to submit their pieces in either VHS or DVD formats. For flash animation, you may submit online, but please email for questions concerning those specifics.