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Special thanks to all our jurors for the 2006 competition. SXSWclick jurors are a veritable "who's who" of independent film, from award-winning filmmakers and animators to editors and producers.

Keith Bearden Keith Bearden's most recent short, The Raftman's Razor won Best Short Film at SxSW 2005, and also won major awards at Seattle, Milan, Montreal, Florida, Chicago and many other festivals. Filmmaker magazine named him one of the "New Faces of Independent Film."

Margaret Brown Margaret Brown is the producer and director of the acclaimed documentary, Be Here to Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt. She has also recently produced Catpower's Living Proof video (directed by Harmony Korine), and recently directed a short film/music video about Austin musician Ruthie Foster for the Austin City Limits Festival.

Amanda Congdon Amanda Congdon is the host, co-writer and co-owner of the comedic online news show, Rocketboom, which you can now watch on television via your TiVo or Akimbo. In February, she played herself on CBS PRIMETIME's monster hit show, CSI.

Kirby Dick Kirby Dick has directed several awards winning films including, Twist Of Faith, about clergy sexual abuse. Derrida, Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist, which won the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and the Grand Prize at the Los Angeles Film Festival. His current film, This Film is Not Yet Rated, is scheduled to open in theaters this fall.

Emily Hubley has been making short animated films for twenty five years and providing animation to television, fictional and documentary films for over a decade. Hubley created artwork and animation for John Cameron Mitchell's Hedwig and The Angry Inch. She is a 2004 Annenberg Film Fellow and was invited to attend the Sundance Institute's 2002 Screenwriters' Lab and the 2003 Filmmakers' Lab.

Mike Hudack Mike Hudack is a co-founder and developer of blip.tv, a leading videoblogging service. When not tinkering on this site, he is a programmer and systems administrator whose primary professional focus is on developing (designing and programming) Web-based applications.

Danny Leiner Danny Leiner has directed episodes for TV shows, including Freaks and Geeks, Sports Night, and Felicity. He also directed the popular feature films Dude Where's My Car? and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. His latest feature, The Great New Wonderful, will be released in June.

Karina Longworth Karina Longworth co-founded Cinematical in 2005, whilst simultaneously completing an MA in Cinema Studies and working at a pasta factory to pay the rent. Cinematical, which has been heralded by Roger Ebert and cited by The Hollywood Reporter, had 2.5 million viewers in January 2006. Karina's illustrious career in food production is on hold indefinitely.

Jason Reitman Jason Reitman's award-winning shorts In God We Trust and Gulp have screened in more than 100 film festivals worldwide. His first feature, Thank You for Smoking, opened to rave reviews this past spring.

Bob Sabiston Bob Sabiston is an independent filmmaker in Austin, TX. In recent years his interpolated rotoscoping technique (for which he wrote the software) has made waves in films like Richard Linklater's Waking Life, A Scanner Darkly, and Lars von Trier's The Five Obstructions. Since 1997 he and his company Flat Black Films have created a string of rotoscoped short films, including Grasshopper, Snack and Drink, and Roadhead, which have helped popularize animation as a medium for documentaries.

Karen Schmeer Karen Schmeer, A.C.E., is the editor of many documentaries including Errol Morris' Fast, Cheap and Out of Control, Mr. Death, and The Fog of War, which won the Oscar in 2004. Other award-winning projects include Robb Moss' The Same River Twice, Lucia Small's My Father, the Genius, and Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson's Well Founded Fear. Most recently she edited Sydney Pollack's Sketches of Frank Gehry.

Deborah Scranton Deborah Scranton directed the new award-winning documentary, The War Tapes, a candid look at the war in Iraq as told from the perspective of the soldiers stationed overseas. While making the film, Scranton used instant messaging to answer questions and explore stories with the soldiers that filmed their very personal experiences. Before that, Scranton worked as a television reporter and freelance producer at MTV, ESPN, CBS Sports and the ABC and FOX affiliates in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Morgan Spurlock Morgan Spurlock is known to audiences around the world as the star and director the of the popular fast food documentary, Super Size Me. The film, which was nominated for an Oscar, screened at SXSW 2004. Spurlock went on to create and host the award-winning television series, 30 Days, which is about to begin its second season on the F/X Network. He's currently at work on his next feature film.

Joe Swanberg Joe Swanberg studied film production at Southern Illinois University, where he developed an interest in emerging video technology and a crippling addiction to the Internet. His two feature films, Kissing On The Mouth (2005) and LOL (2006), are currently on the film festival circuit.

Laura Swisher Laura Swisher is a stand-up comedian who has appeared on various television shows such as Comedy Central's Premium Blend, as well as worked as a co-host for G4techTV's Unscrewed with Martin Sargent. She is currently "comedy-casting" via her website and producing content for the mobile device company, Helio.